Interpreting and translation services

From conference interpreting to certified translations, everything you need to thrive in an international context.

Certified translations

Sworn translators in Luxembourg appear on a list published by the Ministry of Justice. We are entitled to certify accurate translations of official documents sealed by our stamp and signature.  I am currently sworn before the local court for Italian, French, English, Spanish and German.

In Germany, sworn translators and interpreters who are officially authorised to translate and interpret between German and other languages are listed on the website Justiz-Dolmetscher.

I am sworn at the regional court of Koblenz for English, Italian, French and Spanish. Among the documents requiring a sworn translation are notary deeds, administrative documents (marriage records, divorce deeds, birth certificates, diplomas, etc.). These translations can be presented to authorities in Luxembourg, Germany and other third countries.

Specialist translations

Financial, legal and cultural communication requires precision, subtlety and above all knowledge of the subject, that is why my work is proofread by colleagues at ease in the field.

Business and conference interpreting

There are three main types of interpreting


For trade fairs, company audits and business meetings, this involves an interpreter working between two languages, acting as an intermediary between the parties.


This mode used at congresses and for presentations involves note-taking of 5-10 min speeches in language B that are then rendered in language A, right after the speaker is done.


Best known from the EU and the UN, the interpreting booth provides seamless, real-time communication across language barriers. The interpreter listens to language B and recreates the message in language A at the same time, speaking in a microphone, and the audience listens through earphones.

How do I charge?


Per page.


Per (half) day of work.


Per line (55 characters including spaces) or flat-rate (package deal), depending on topic, delivery time and target market.

Payment options

Bank transfer
Cash on delivery