I'm Davide, a sworn Italian translator and conference interpreter.

Working languages: English, French, German and Spanish.

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Interpreting section

Trade fair, business deal or specialist conference? Let me help you find the right words to win over hearts and minds.

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Specialist translations

Legal translation section

Culture, finance and the law speak a beautiful language when you know what you are talking about. And I do.

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Sworn translations

Sworn translation section

Just arrived in Luxembourg? In need of official documents in another language certified? You're in the right place.

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About me

Your Italian interpreter and translator

Looking for a sworn translator and interpreter in the heart of the EU?

My name is Davide Cavanna, born and raised in Piedmont, in northwestern Italy, and I have been living in Luxembourg since 2013.

From Luxembourg I can easily travel to Germany, Belgium and France as a conference and business interpreter for meetings, fairs and negotiations. A sworn translator at the local Court of Justice as well as before the courts and notaries of Saarland, in Germany, I am a member of ALTI and can provide an all-round solution to your language headaches.

Do you really need a translation company? Go directly to the professionals! By avoiding middlemen, you will gain in human and economic terms. Thanks to my network of expert native colleagues, you can access the languages and expertise you need to communicate effectively.

Sworn in Luxembourg
Interpreting section
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My services

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Certified translations

Sworn translators in Luxembourg feature on a list published by the Ministry of Justice. We are entitled to certify accurate translations of official documents sealed with their stamp and signature. Before the local court I am currently sworn for Italian, French and German.
In Germany, sworn translators and interpreters who are officially authorised to translate and interpret between German and other languages are listed on the website Justiz-Dolmetscher. Personally, I am sworn at the regional court of Saarbrücken for Italian, French and English.

Among the documents requiring a sworn translation, for example, are procedural documents, notary deeds, administrative documents (marriage records, divorce deeds, birth certificates, diplomas, etc.). These translations can be presented to authorities in Luxembourg, in Germany as well as in third countries.

Business and
conference interpreting

There are three main types of interpreting

Specialist translations

Financial section

Financial, legal and cultural communication requires precision, subtlety and above all knowledge of the subject, that is why my work is proofread by colleagues at ease in the field.

How do I charge?

Sworn translation
per page.
per (half) day of work.
Tailor-made translation
per line (55 characters including spaces) or flat-rate (package deal), depending on topic, delivery time and target market.

Payment options

Euro icon Bank transfer
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Cash on delivery

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It's me, Davide!

About me

I am an Italian translator and interpreter based in Luxembourg, focusing on economics, finance, law and marketing.

In Luxembourg I am a sworn translator for English, Italian, Spanish and German at the Superior Court of Justice (Cour Supérieure de Justice), whereas in Germany I am sworn for French, Italian and English before the courts and the notaries of Saarland. I am also available as a conference and business interpreter across Germany (Trier, Saarbrücken, Mannheim, Frankfurt, Bonn, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Koblenz, Mainz, Wiesbaden, Essen, Karlsruhe, Kaiserslautern, Darmstadt, Freiburg, Stuttgart, Pforzheim, Aachen, Worms), France (Metz, Nancy, Strasbourg, Dijon, Lyon, Reims, Lille, Paris) and Belgium (Liège, Namur, Arlon, Leuven, Bruges, Ghent, Antwerp, Brussels).

Working languages:
Italian (native), English, French, German and Spanish

A video is worth a thousand words...

A brief overview of my pathway so far

BA in Translation
LLM International Law
Sussex Logo
In-house translator
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Copy editor for Italian
MA in Conference Interpreting

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How to find me

A stone's throw away from the main station

Contact me

Fill in the form for a free quote in no time

Luxembourg central station

My partners

Looking for reliable professionals in the field of translation and interpreting? These are a few colleagues I can vouch for.

Oana Ciobanoiu

Oana Ciobanoiu

Romanian translator

Based in Lyon, Oana can help you navigate between French, English and her native Romanian.

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Yve Delaquis

Yve Delaquis

French booth interpreter and voice-over artist

Yve is an experienced conference interpreter, translator and voice-over artist. Based in Zurich, she is an AIIC member and works from German, English and Dutch.

Shun Yao

Shun Yao

Mandarin Chinese translator

Shun can help your business grow in China, as he translates from English, French and Russian into his native Mandarin.

Email me
Mathias Biche

Mathias Biche

French lawyer and legal translator

French lawyer admitted to the Paris bar in 1998 and translator into French from Italian, German and English.

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Jairo Dorado

Jairo Dorado

Spanish booth interpreter and translator

Based in Germany, Jairo is translator and EU-accredited interpreter for English, Portuguese, Croatian, Bosnian, Serbian, Montenegrin and Galician into Spanish. Besides, he also translates and interprets from German and Slovene.

Email me
Anne Leinen

Anne Leinen

German sociologist and sworn translator

State certified and sworn translator at the Court of Koblenz, Anne translates into German from Italian and English, especially in finance and social sciences.

Email me
Abdelkarim Kassimi

Abdelkarim Kassimi

Spanish, Arabic and Berber interpreter

Abdelkarim, a native speaker of Spanish, Arabic (including Moroccan dialects), and Berber (Tarifit), interprets from English and French as well.

Email me
Monika Fryszkowska

Monika Fryszkowska

Polish interpreter and translator

Based in Warsaw, previously employed at the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Translation in Luxembourg, Monika works from English and French into Polish.

Email me
Alexander Kvartalny

Alexander Kvartalny

Russian and Ukrainian interpreter

Based in Kiev, Alexander can help you communicate and do business in Ukraine, interpreting between English, Russian and Ukrainian.

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Legal details

Translator.lu is a domain owned and used by Davide Cavanna, sole proprietor of the business operating through this website.

Davide Cavanna
23 Dernier Sol
L-2543 Luxembourg
+352 691 802 819
VAT number: LU27482784

Terms and Conditions

The contractor shall, for the purposes of this document, refer to Davide Cavanna and/or any other colleagues working in his name and on his behalf. Davide Cavanna is a certified (sworn) translator and interpreter before the courts of Luxembourg (French, Italian, English, Spanish and German) as well as Germany (German, Italian, English and French).

The working day is deemed to be 8 hours with a minimum billing time of 4 working hours and multiples thereof (i.e. half days). Time, in excess of 8 working hours, will be billed at time and a half.

The job shall refer to any linguistic performance that the client requires: interpreting, translating, proofreading, editing, or else.

The quote shall refer to the price offered by the contractor for the job.


  1. The contractor will provide a quote for his work before an event in accordance with any information provided by the client about the type of event and their specific requirements. The offer is based on the type of interpreting (simultaneous, consecutive, whispered, liaison, etc), the duration of the event measured in working days, plus all reasonable expenses including (but not limited to) travel, travel time, meals and lodging costs, where applicable.
  2. The client must accept the contractor’s offer in writing for it to be binding for both parties. At the time of acceptance of the offer, the client will provide full commercial and invoicing details (notably business address and VAT number) and in some circumstances an advance payment (to cover up front expenditure - such as travel).
  3. Once the quote is accepted, in the case of cancellation within 30 to 15 days of the event, the contractor will receive 50% of the agreed basic interpreting fee. In case of cancellation of the job within 14 calendar days, the contractor will receive 100% of the agreed interpreting fee. Rescheduling to a period beyond 30 days from the original date shall be deemed to be a cancellation.
  4. The assignment shall be carried out with the principles of proper professional practice. The contractor undertakes to work to the best of his ability and to treat all information he acquires during the execution of his duties with the strictest confidentiality and/or in accordance with any NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) he is asked to sign by the client in advance of his work
  5. The client undertakes to provide appropriate preparation material (detailed agenda of the event, presentations, speech manuscripts etc.) at least 10 working days before the event to support the contractor's subject-matter and linguistic preparation.
  6. The contractor will endeavour to arrive 30 minutes before the start of the interpreting assignment. This time forms part of the working hours detailed in the quote.
  7. The contractor's copyright to his image and work shall be respected. Recordings and transcripts of his work will be subject to royalty payments.
  8. Due to the high cognitive load of simultaneous interpreting, it is not possible for the contractor to work for more than 2 hours alone as a simultaneous interpreter. Working as a team (together with other professional interpreters) is a prerequisite for a consistently high-quality service. The contractor is willing to collaborate with other professionals and, on request, form a team for events requiring interpreting into multiple languages.
  9. The invoice for the agreed service will be sent by e-mail to the client (detailed in 2 above) and settlement is due by bank transfer within 15 days of the date of the invoice. (Special terms and conditions of business may be agreed between the parties).


  1. According to article 6, paragraph 2 of Regulation (EU) 2016/1191 on promoting the free movement of citizens by simplifying the requirements for presenting certain public documents in the European Union, a certified translation carried out by a person qualified to do so under the law of a Member State shall be accepted in all Member States. The translations carrying his official stamp are therefore valid across the EU. If any local authorities should not be aware of this and reject the translation on the grounds of the contractor not living in their country or not being on their internal register, the client can refer them to the above-mentioned EU legal reference.
  2. To receive a quote for translation work, the client needs to send the full text to the contractor by e-mail, along with any relevant indications and sources available. The contractor will reply with a quote and an estimated delivery time shortly thereafter. If confirmation does not come through within three hours, the delivery timescale may be reassessed by the contractor. In cases where a job is cancelled by the client after the contractor has commenced the job, the amount of work completed will fall due.
  3. The quote is usually a lump sum, based on the estimation of the time needed to complete the job, whether it is translating, editing, or proofreading. The quote does not include the 17% VAT which will be added only to invoices for private and corporate clients based in Luxembourg, where the contractor is also based, as the law requires.
  4. For sworn translations, a scanned copy of the original must be sent via e-mail or delivered in person to the contractor. The translation will then be delivered in person or sent via regular post to the client, according to the client's desire, as the authorities might not be satisfied with a mere scanned copy of the certified translation.
  5. The payment can be requested to occur prior to delivery in case the sworn translation is sent by regular post. Upon receiving the bank transfer, in that case, the contractor sends the stamped translation to the client. In case of a digital delivery, instead, be it via e-mail or another online interface, the invoice is sent on the same day of delivery and the payment is due within 15 days.
  6. The contractor will amend the translation, should the client identify obvious mistakes that impede the proper use of the translation. In any other case, editing will be invoiced by the hour as a separate extra service. Questions of style and other issues of personal preference do not constitute obvious mistakes.
  7. 16. Any offer presented by the contractor and accepted by the client via telephone, e-mail or other means implies the acceptance of the conditions set out above. Alternative conditions may be agreed in writing between the contractor and the client.